Virtual reality is a new form of human-computer interaction. The user can become fully immersive with the software, without the limitations of the keyboard and mouse.

SAHO Ventures has over 4 years of experience in virtual reality development. We have worked on projects ranging from data visualization to immersive training simulations.


Augmented reality is the entry point for futuristic content consumption. Information can be better visualized by using the space that surrounds us.

SAHO Ventures has developed a process to lower the computational demand for mobile augmented reality. We have compressed 3D asset information while maintained visual fidelity.


Rapid prototyping is the act of getting a concept closer to becoming a final product.

Utilizing our knowledge in various disciplines, SAHO Ventures can bring your concept to life.


Mixed Reality captures the best elements from augmented and virtual reality.

SAHO Ventures is experienced in augmented and virtual reality development. Together with our curious nature, the streams were bound to cross.